Sharing Your Real Estate Business on Blab

Every day you share information about your business and the community that you market. Wouldn’t it be great to extend your reach using technology that will let you have your own show? Introducing – With your Twitter account, you will have an opportunity to share and answer questions using your webcam in a live-casting video platform, having live conversations with people that could literally be anywhere on earth!

  • Host Interviews
  • Have Discussions
  • Live Audience
  • Teach and Coach
  • Host Aftershows
  • Record Podcasts
  • Upload Video Recordings to YouTube
  • Embed Blabs in your websites




QR Codes – what are they and how do I use them?

Scan My QR Code

Use QR Codes to give clients quick access to your business information

QR Codes are awesome for providing readers that use Internet enabled smart phones (iPhone, Android, Blackberry) with access to video, websites and anything on the Internet. They can be placed on flyers, books, magazines, business cards, labels – anything that can take solid print. I’ve found when checking details on items in places like Best Buy, I have to position myself in a way that hides glare so that the QR reader on my Android  is able to accurately connect with the QR Code.

QR means simply, quick response. Just like a bar code, it’s 2 dimensional and unique for any online address that is used. There are many free online accounts that provide ‘QR Readers’ and ‘QR Creators’. I use ‘s free version for up to three QR codes. Microsoft uses Tag, a unique format that requires that particular reader.

Simply search for QR Code on your Smartphone and choose one! If you choose to use the Microsoft Tag, readers of that code will have to use their software.

The codes are easy to create and can be copied in different formats.

You don’t have to create QR Codes to utilize them. If you download the app on your smartphone, you can use it without having a personal account for creating QR Codes.

To get a good understanding of how to create QR Codes, let’s try this short exercise:

Use Google’s QR code creator for any website that you want:

  1. Go to  (yes, that’s a website address)
  2. Type in a website address in the field. If you can’t think of one, use one of mine,
  3. Select the Shorten button to truncate the site (sometimes, websites are so long, they are hard to remember and give to others so there are sites like this one ( and and others….) that truncate site addresses.
  4. You will see the site listed under “Long URL”. To the right of the site address, there is a “Details” link. Click on that and you will see the results of your action…plus the QR Code on the top right!!!

QR Codes can be saved as images and used on flyers, websites, business cards, etc. Anyone seeing  the QR Code will know to access the software on their phone to access the site linked to that QR Code. This creates instant access to information quickly.

How can QR Codes help you in your business?

Questions? Send an email to me and I’ll get back with you.

Are you ready for 2011?

Woman Framing with HandsWe are at the beginning of a new year! 2010 was a difficult one for all of us. Most of us worked harder than we’ve ever worked before…for less. The fact that I wrote this blog and you’ve opened it is enough for us to give thanks for. We made it through 2010, as hard as it was…

Business might have been slow but technology certainly has not slowed down. There have been so many improvements in the real estate industry that stick out for me. Hosted services over the Internet (otherwise known as cloud computing) continues to grow with its flexibility and accessibility. Working virtually is now proven to be a low cost successful option for many large and small companies. Meeting in public locations (third rooms) such as Starbucks or Panera Bread where the internet access is free and the atmosphere is upbeat with the perfect aromas has been a positive and rewarding change of pace for my business and clients. Social networking has increased business profitability and productivity for so many businesses.

When it boils down to it, it’s all about one thing. Relationships. Because no matter what, we’re human first.

So what is it that I’ve learned this year more than anything else? It is this – being true to who you are, respectful and honest and honorable goes a long way in maintaining relationships. No matter who it is, whether you’ll see them again or not…being true and good to yourself and others makes all the difference to you as an individual and your business.

How do you manage your business relationships? Do you convert those that you’ve met into prospects? How many people did you meet this year that slipped through your fingers simply because you did not follow through from that initial conversation…or that “let’s get together soon” response that rolls off our tongues so easily?

If there is any hesitation with these questions above, then it’s time for you to choose how you are going to manage your contacts and convert them into leads from your social networking sites, website, blog, email, phone conversations or face-to-face meetings. Take a few minutes to think about your interactions – how many people do you talk to in one day…and how you could maintain a relationship with that person.

Contact Management is one of the most effective ways to create a relationship with those that you’ve had any type of communication. The single most important component is consistency. Create a system that works with your way of collaborating – a system that is reasonable and attainable with your business. Think about the possibility of selling your business with a record of business activities that can be adopted by someone with little question as to what needs to be done next. Create value with your business activity and future plans recorded.

The question is, where do you put it all? That depends on what you can currently handle. Popular downloadable software programs such as Microsoft Outlook and Act can be used on your hard drive. Web access programs such at Top Producer and MyRedTools provide more flexibility with where data can be accessed. The  key is to look at what these programs have to offer and honestly assessing, especially if you’ve never tackled contact management programs – which one is sustainable based on learning curve and complexity.

Top Producer is a well thought out program that provides literallyBusiness Colleagues Working Togethereveryaspect of a real estate transaction, follow up and marketing that is needed for your business. MyRedTools is a new program, still growing, that has the capability of providing the same features as Top Producer but in my opinion with much less learning curve and literally 4 times more features for the same price as Top Producer’s basic package. Although it is developed by Keller Williams, it is also available unbranded. Microsoft Outlook does not have near the features that the above mentioned programs have but it has the capability of providing you with all the basic components to build your client base. It is a well thought out product flexible enough to adjust to your way of contact management, especially of you are opting out on a monthly subscription for an online product. As long as you are accurate with how you add your data, Microsoft Outlook data is exportable to literally any program.

Check these out, and check out others. Ask your colleagues what they use and how their program works for them. Start now and don’t stop.