QR Codes – what are they and how do I use them?

Scan My QR Code

Use QR Codes to give clients quick access to your business information

QR Codes are awesome for providing readers that use Internet enabled smart phones (iPhone, Android, Blackberry) with access to video, websites and anything on the Internet. They can be placed on flyers, books, magazines, business cards, labels – anything that can take solid print. I’ve found when checking details on items in places like Best Buy, I have to position myself in a way that hides glare so that the QR reader on my Android  is able to accurately connect with the QR Code.

QR means simply, quick response. Just like a bar code, it’s 2 dimensional and unique for any online address that is used. There are many free online accounts that provide ‘QR Readers’ and ‘QR Creators’. I use www.scanlife.com ‘s free version for up to three QR codes. Microsoft uses Tag, a unique format that requires that particular reader.

Simply search for QR Code on your Smartphone and choose one! If you choose to use the Microsoft Tag, readers of that code will have to use their software.

The codes are easy to create and can be copied in different formats.

You don’t have to create QR Codes to utilize them. If you download the app on your smartphone, you can use it without having a personal account for creating QR Codes.

To get a good understanding of how to create QR Codes, let’s try this short exercise:

Use Google’s QR code creator for any website that you want:

  1. Go to www.goo.gl  (yes, that’s a website address)
  2. Type in a website address in the field. If you can’t think of one, use one of mine, www.houstontrainer.com
  3. Select the Shorten button to truncate the site (sometimes, websites are so long, they are hard to remember and give to others so there are sites like this one (www.tinyurl.com and www.bit.ly and others….) that truncate site addresses.
  4. You will see the site listed under “Long URL”. To the right of the site address, there is a “Details” link. Click on that and you will see the results of your action…plus the QR Code on the top right!!!

QR Codes can be saved as images and used on flyers, websites, business cards, etc. Anyone seeing  the QR Code will know to access the software on their phone to access the site linked to that QR Code. This creates instant access to information quickly.

How can QR Codes help you in your business?

Questions? Send an email to me and I’ll get back with you.

Do you believe in what you are selling?

Ask yourself this question: If you were on the ground floor of an elevator with other passengers and you are getting off on the 2nd floor and one of the other passengers asked you a question about your services, would you flinch?

Here is a great exercise – I would not ask you to do it if I haven’t :)… stand in front of your bathroom mirror. Alone. Pretend as if you are the passenger asking the question and then answer the question. If you feel comfortable…if your answer roles of your tongue and you believe it with all of your being, then you’re on the right track! If you can’t answer…if there’s a wince, you have work to do.

Help your customers remember your open house

Give your customers something to remember once they leave your open house. Keep them interested with a CD that they can share with others.

Add a virtual tour of pictures of the home with descriptions of all the main features. You can voice over the pictures and/or add text.

Add links to key websites: For example, link to the School Finder on your HAR website giving them an opportunity to search schools in the area, and to search for any available listings. Using your IDX feature will have you as the presenter of all properties listed with you as the contact.

Take additional pictures of the neighborhood park, shopping center and community centers.

Add a welcome video that introduces you and your services. Make it general so that you can add it to any open house CD that you create.

…ohhh, don’t forget. Make them short and sweet. Under 2 minutes each.

These and more marketing features can be created several ways. Free software such as Windows Live Movie Maker is already on your computer. If you use a Mac, iMovie is also ready for you to utilize. Google’s Picasa is an amazing free software that you can download from www.google.com/picasa. It provides all types of features to include online albums and short videos, picture editing and resizing, online orders and much much more!

Check out my website Technology Classes and Events for upcoming classes!

Use Facebook Fanpages to advertise your business

Fan Pages are separate pages that can be created after your Profile page. Once you have Profile page, you can create a Fan Page by scrolling down to the bottom of your Facebook Profile page, select Advertising, then select the Pages icon (yellow flag) on the left. Select the Create a Page button on the right.

Use key words that describe your business for your page name. This helps with SEO. After creating your page, you can post to it by selecting the Accounts menu on the top right of your Profile page, then select Manage Pages. When you click on the “Go To Page” button, your Fan Page will replace your Profile Page. Although you are still in your account, it can get confusing when going back and forth. (To get back to your Profile Page, select the Home link on the upper right of your account).

In order to keep your Profile Page open and open your Fan Page, I suggest you hold down the Control key when selecting your Fan Page so that it will come up in a separate tab, leaving you with 2 tabs to use rather than having to switch from one.

Profile pages can be set up to automatically send posts to your Twitter account. To accomplish this, open another tab in your browser and go to www.facebook.com/twitter.